News Item: CITB Board Trustee Recruitment

The CITB Board has three members who are retiring from the Board after their terms conclude having played an instrumental role in leading CITB’s reform process during their 4 years of service. We are exceptionally grateful for their invaluable contributions to CITB and British construction. Our retiring Trustees are:

  • David Harris
  • Karen Jones
  • Maria Pilfold

The Board have completed a skills review and have written to DfE to commence the recruitment process. The skills review identified the following gaps that the Board will be looking to address through this recruitment,

  • HR skills and experience as we complete a significant restructuring programme and move our head office;
  • Finance skills, since we are responsible for good stewardship of over £200m per annum levy funds as well as the divestment programme which will be a key focus over the  next two years;
  • IT and digital skills since we collect and use a huge amount of data and this will be an increasing part of our role for the industry;
  • Communication skills as we develop and sharpen the narrative of skills in the construction industry; and
  • Knowledge and understanding of the college and training provider world, as we move from delivery to commissioner.

This means that the Board will seek,

  • One Employer Trustee – financial and or IT/digital experience
  • One Employer Trustee – HR and/or communications experience
  • One Independent Trustee – FE or independent provider experience

The Board will also be looking to achieve diversity balance through these positions. There are three aspects to this.  The first is the gender balance where it is essential to have at least one new woman joining the Board and highly desirable to have two. The second is ethnic diversity where we would particularly welcome applicants from a BAME background to provide valuable perspectives and insight that reflects the diversity of our sector.  The third is age, where it would be desirable to find a young professional who could contribute to the Board.

For more information our Trustee positions are now live on the Cabinet Office – Centre for Public Appointments, click here to view.