News Item: Changes to Rebated Fuels Entitlement from 1st April 2022

The UK Government has published new interim guidance on how to prepare for changes restricting the use of rebated diesel and biofuels from 1st April 2022.

The interim guidance may be subject to change until all the legislation is approved by Parliament and will continue to be updated.

  • about changes to rebated diesel and biofuels
  • how to prepare for the changes
  • if you can use rebated fuel from 1st April 2022
  • how HMRC will carry out compliance checks

If you’re no longer able to use rebated fuel, you will need to use diesel or biofuels, which have had full excise duty paid (including white diesel). This new approach reflects more fairly the harmful impact of diesel emissions and incentivises users to improve the energy efficiency of their vehicles and machines. It also encourages users to invest in cleaner alternatives or just use less fuel.

Full details can be found on the government website or click here.