News Item: Boris Johnson Announces Suspension of Parliament

On Wednesday the 28th of August, Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced the suspension of the UK Parliament. The suspension (or prorogation) will start between the 9th and 12th September and will last five weeks. At the end of the suspension, on the 14th October, a Queen’s Speech will take place to outline the PM’s agenda. 

Johnson wants to start the new Parliamentary session on the 14th October. This is instead of a normal three-week autumn recess. The suspension reduces the influence of the elected Parliament has in major decisions and means there is less time for MPs to debate Brexit. 

Opponents to the decision believe it is undemocratic and undermines MPs, with some of those who are in favour of Brexit also criticising the move. 

Supporters of the Prime Minister’s move say suspending Parliament would respect the 2016 referendum by guaranteeing the UK leaves the EU on the 31st October. 

This controversial move does not just make it difficult for MPs to debate Brexit, it means that all outstanding bills going through Parliament are effectively cut off.