News Item: BigChange Adopts what3words to Help Locate Plant on Site to Within Three Metres

BigChange, the provider of software for managing mobile plant hire operations, has adopted location technology what3words to provide more accurate addresses for job locations.  The development allows drivers and field service engineers to pinpoint delivery, servicing and collection locations to within three metres.  

By integrating the what3words into its job management platform, BigChange has made it possible for add a what3words to any job booking. This also makes it easier for their customers, such as construction contractors, to locate the plant following delivery.   

what3words has divided the world into a grid of 3m squares and given each one three random words from the dictionary: a what3words address. A what3words address provides an extra layer of accuracy to a traditional address, meaning that operatives will arrive at exactly the precise location. 

This latest BigChange innovation supports more precise job planning and customer service alerts for BigChange's customers globally.  It enables field service teams to be directed to an exact location, including specific building entrances or destinations at large infrastructure and building sites, in parks and rural estates not covered by street addresses. This means that no time is wasted looking for the correct location. 

More than 100 UK emergency services organisations already use what3words to achieve faster and more accurate responses. BigChange estimates that what3words could save individual field-based employees up to 30 minutes per day in time spent locating jobs. 

Richard Warley, BigChange CEO, comments: "Demand is booming for plant and equipment hire businesses. They are looking for innovations that make scheduling slicker, boost productivity and customer experience, and help them grow stronger."

"This powerful functionality will enable BigChange customers to plan better, provide more precise arrival times with confidence, and save valuable hours every week by directing drivers and field service teams precisely where they are needed."

James Cochrane, Partnerships Lead at what3words, comments: "We've all experienced the horrible feeling of being late to a job because the address wasn't accurate, and you couldn't find exactly where you needed to be. what3words acts as a tool in your pocket to ensure you're directed to the right place, first time, every time."