News Item: AFI Makes Substantial Delivery Fleet Investment With Scania

One of the UK's leading powered access specialists, AFI group of companies has expanded their in-house transport delivery fleet by announcing a £1m investment in premium brand Scania. Over recent years AFI have invested heavily in a rolling programme to provide their own in-house transport fleet so that they can take full responsibility and control of every aspect of the delivery process for their powered access fleet. They have increased the efficiency of the fleet by strategically locating the vehicles throughout our UK depot network to ensure that the Mobile Elevating Work Platforms (MEWPs) are delivered to customers quickly and collected promptly.

AFI have ordered nine Scania G-series, 26-ton rigid vehicles (G320). The new G-series provides excellent comfort and visibility with a world class driver’s area, with generous space and storage. All vehicles come with Scania's standard two-year repair and maintenance programmes.

Famed for their premium robust chassis and build quality, Scania have met bespoke requirements for AFI and teamed up specific chassis configurations to a specialist body. The specification of each truck is extensive, achieving the joint aims of providing the drivers with the most modern, reliable and comfortable vehicles, on which they can safely and efficiently transport heavy plant equipment.

A range of special features such as full forward ramps to help reduce emissions and increase fuel economy. Fall protection handrails at the side of the truck prevents drivers working on the back from falling. Extendable walkways and handrails allow side access and they come with winches to help winch up or winch down the equipment. Extendable work lights illuminate the working area on the dark nights meaning that AFI can operate safely to collect and deliver MEWPs 24 hours a day.

AFI Director Nick Higgins said: “The main draw to a premium brand like Scania for AFI is their reputation for reliability and the high-end build quality of the actual vehicles themselves, as well as a quality maintenance programme. We expect powerful, robust economical performance as we want all our delivery vehicles to run without encountering reliability problems.“

In recent years AFI has made significant investments in facilities, hire fleet, and people. They have expanded to 30 locations in the UK, and five in the Middle East. They now have a fleet of more than 7,000 powered access machines and provide training for more than 25,000 people each year.