News Item: ABAX Acquires RAM Track-and-Trace and Enters Belgian Market

Morten Strand, Group CEO of ABAX

Morten Strand and ABAX completed the acquisition of RAM track-and-trace that will result in ABAX expanding their operations into Belgium.

"The acquisition is an important step for us to further strengthen our operations and our position in the Europe. With the acquisition ABAX will enter Belgium and expand out operations in Europe," he stated.

Joining a global network of 350.000 subscriptions
Through the acquisition, RAM customers will get the opportunity with the ABAX solutions to get full access to the ABAX global Internet of Things (IoT) network, with unprecedented geographic coverage with 350,000 subscriptions in Europe.

"This acquisition represents an excellent opportunity to achieve further growth through scale size, to optimize our services even better and to continue providing sustainable solutions. This will open access for both new and existing customers to the market's most advanced and innovative telematics solutions," says Bart Claes, CEO RAM Track-and-Trace.

Bart Cleas, CEO, RAM Track-and-Trace looks forward to be a part of ABAX Group

Future-proof solutions
The RAM track-and-trace services have been developed to be used for very simple to very complex tracking or equipment management. The services can be linked to third-party software to provide information and insight about vehicles, employee working hours and equipment location.

"Together with RAM track-and-trace high technical knowledge and software functionality ABAX will form a leading Nordic SaaS telematics company and deliver value-added connectivity services to the customers of both companies," commented Morten Strand.