News Item: CITB Proposals Published Ahead of 2021 Consensus Exercise

CITB has published its proposals for the construction industry in advance of the formal start to the consensus exercise.The proposals commit to freezing CITB Levy rates during 2022-25 meaning it would remain at the pre-Covid rate of 0.35% for PAYE staff and at 1.25% for CIS sub-contractors.

CITB says around 40,000 employers with a wage bill lower than £120,000 will continue to be exempt from the Levy, with 14,000 having their Levy assessment halved if their wage bill is between £120,000 and £400,000. 

The formal Consensus process will run from Monday 14th June and conclude on Sunday 15th August 2021. As a Prescribed Organisation, HAE will undertake a survey of members in England, Scotland and Wales who are levy payers. The results of the survey will inform the Association when it comes to making a formal response to CITB. The survey will be sent out in early June.

HAE does not receive a list of in-scope members from CITB. If you are a levy paying employer, it is important we know the identity of your authorised person and their contact details before we send the survey link, and when directing any follow up queries. Please email Mark Bradshaw for details or call us on 0121 380 4600.

More details about the Consensus process can be found here.

For information about all the CITB Prescribed Organisations, which includes HAE, click here.