PRESS RELEASE: Coming Soon - New Look CITB NI Grant Scheme 2016/17

Following a review of the CITB NI Tier 1 grant scheme during the 2015/16 year, CITB NI will be implementing some changes to the grants that they make available for registered employers. These changes will take effect from 01 September 2016.

CITB NI is ensuring all their registered employers are aware of the changes and the opportunity to claim the grant by making this postcard available to view or download from their websites; the same postcard will be sent to all CITB NI registered employers over the next few weeks.

More detailed information will be made available on the CITB NI website and will be sent out with the annual levy/grant pack on the 1st August 2016.

The main changes for 2016/17 are outlined below:

  1. The Levy/Grant Pack will be greatly reduced in size. To become more environmentally friendly and also to reduce our overheads CITB NI will not be publishing the Registered List of Levy Payers or Annual Return Guidance Notes. Both will be available on our updated user friendly website. Employers will require log in details to access this information which is printed on the 2016 Annual Return Form.
  1. Grant will only be paid to employers who submit an actual levy return form by 5 pm 31 August 2016. Failure to submit the annual return form will mean that an employer will not be eligible to claim grants during the training year 1 September 2016 to 31 August 2017.
  1. Grant claims can only be submitted for employees who reside, work in Northern Ireland and are declared on the employers Annual Return Form.
  1. Levy payers can claim grant up to the value of 100% of their levy paid.
  1. All registered employers below the levy threshold of £80,000 are eligible to claim grant to the value of £500.
  1. There is no limit on the amount of apprentice grants that can be claimed by registered employers.
  1. New restructured apprentice grant. The new grant will reward employers on an annual basis for retaining an employed apprentice and for the apprentice achieving the required qualifications.

Please remember, if an employer does not return the Levy annual return form by the required deadline of 31st August 2016 they will not be eligible to claim any grants for training undertaken from (01 September 2016 to 31 August 2017) - see item 2 above.

Construction employers continue to be supported by CITB NI for training the Northern Ireland workforce, if you need to discuss any points you can contact the levy/grants team directly on 44 (0)2890 825466.