MHM Get Tanked Up

"Deciding to invest in a range of fluid tanks was one of the easier decisions we've had to make during our ten years in business," comments Mat Llewellyn, MHM's managing director. "Naturally, our line of generators, lighting towers, and welders all need refuelling from time to time, so having the option to offer our clients a complete package seemed a sensible conclusion."

The first of these fluid tanks that MHM have brought to the market place is the Fuel Buddy. The Fuel Buddy is available in both 950, 2000 and 3000 litre sizes with the 950 and 2000 models available either skid mounted or fitted onto road tow braked trailers. Presently, the 3000 litre version is only available skid mounted. All are delivered with a three year warranty.

To assist against ground contamination, they each feature a fully bunded base which retains all spilt fluids and their handy stackable design is particularly useful for safe storage, when space is at a premium. Each Fuel Buddy is equipped with a lockable access/storage hatch for the pump kit (electric or hand) and the generator or heater connection kit. For added versatility, the tanks have been designed to be quickly interchangeable, as only a few bolts are required to secure the tank to the trailer. A user also has the alternative to either manually operate the fuel delivery pump or take up the option of a 12, 110, or 230 volt system. There is also a further option for petrol driven pump. For added protection, an anti-slip chequered plate is fitted at the front for steady access to the cabinet space.

All of these features help to make the Fuel Buddy ideally suited for hire companies - enabling a rental firm to offer either static or towable tanks with their clients' preferred transfer pump option. It only takes around fifteen minutes to change to the preferred pump.

For sound loading and unloading the Fuel Buddy is supplied with four forklift pockets and lifting eyes. Its attractive and protective galvanised framework with a durable powder coated paint finish, renders the Fuel Buddy robust, rugged and 'rental-ready' in just about any environment.

With environmental considerations at the forefront, MHM have included the option of having a 30w solar panel fitted to the Fuel Buddy. This system is designed to trickle feed a charging kit situated inside the cabinet, which in turn, provides a similar charge to a 12v battery. This dual operation results in supplying sufficient power to the 12v fuel transfer pump.

All MHM tanks are available for purchase brand new or, quality used. They are also available for rehire to bona fide UK and Ireland rentals firms. Currently MHM have an extra offer of some attractively priced ex demo units which include the three year warranty.

MHM have appointed Brad Ireland as their new UK and Ireland sales manager, with a particular responsibility for marketing the MHM range of fuel, fluid and water storage distribution systems. Brad already has a wealth of experience in these market places and he is keen to impart his knowledge to all interested organisations.

"Brad is a key appointment for MHM as we expand our range of equipment and in particular our new line of fluid distribution products. His experience in this area will be invaluable as we expand this range," concluded Mat.

MHM was incorporated in 2010 and supplies their range of equipment throughout the UK and Ireland via its’ nationwide three depot network. The MHM plant head office is based in Port Talbot, South Wales. The company supplies power generation, solar-hybrid-generators, fuel storage, lighting towers, engine driven welders and product related accessories to the UK and Irish rental markets, for both hire and purchase.