Mental Health Issues: 19 Signs To Look Out For

AXA PPP healthcare have divided some of the common symptoms of mental health issues like stress into three core areas, with 19 different possible signs to look out for:

Psychological symptoms
1. Confusion
2. Indecision
3. Aggression
4. Low mood/mood swings
5. Being tearful
6. Exhibiting low self-confidence
7. Seeming unmotivated
8. Deterioration in memory

Physical symptoms
9. Moving more slowly than usual
10. Change in weight/appetite
11. Unexplained aches and pains

Behavioural/social symptoms
12. Appearing nervous
13. Changing their eating habits
14. Change in attendance
15. Neglecting work
16. Withdrawing from social media channels
17. Loss of interest in appearance
18. Deterioration of performance at work
19. Fatigue