Government Response To Mark Farmer's Review of The Construction Industry

The Government has published its response to Mark Farmer’s review of the construction industry. Ministers say that ‘Modernise or Die’ (the title of Farmer’s Report) ..”poses a stark challenge to industry to up its game on skills, embrace new and more productive ways of working, ensure the quality of design and workmanship and be more innovative. The challenging context of an ageing workforce, alongside the need to deliver a step change in housing quality and output and major infrastructure improvements, highlights the importance of rising to this challenge.” The response can be found at:

The next edition of Interface will include analysis of the Government response. Ministers are keen to send a clear message about future challenges and the need for CITB to reinvigorate its work but focusing more on housing delivery and productivity. All this when Federations are asking in-scope members for views on the CITB Levy proposals for 2018-20 as part of the Consensus Process. HAE sent out its survey recently and in-scope members have until 8th September to respond.