Dustcontrol UK set to showcase at Trade Fair & Convention

Dustcontrol UK has developed a series of mobile dust extractors for on-tool extraction and general cleaning as well as air cleaners specifically designed for the construction and hire industries and will be bringing a selection of their most popular machines to this year’s HAE Convention.

Dustcontrol’s products are built to Application Class H, unlike many other products on the market, which are only built to Application Class M. The use of Class H, HEPA-13 filters guarantees 99.97% capture of all particles greater than 0.3 microns, including respirable crystalline silica, meaning air exhausted from Dustcontrol’s products is the cleanest it can be. Application Class H is considered the benchmark in other industries and Dustcontrol won’t compromise on this approach.

Their latest addition, the DC Tromb, is able to handle all types of fine dusts and materials created during the course of construction heavy duty techniques such as cutting concrete, sanding, grinding and drilling floors and walls. It combines power, robustness and efficiency with versatility. Its ability to handle high volumes of dust alongside its mobility makes it particularly useful for floor grinding.

In addition, Dustcontrol UK will demonstrate its range of air cleaners, which includes the Aircubes 500, 1200 and 2000. These machines extract dust particles from the local atmosphere, circulating air through their HEPA filters, ensuring any dust missed through on tool extraction is removed from the ambient air, protecting workers from harm and are proving increasingly popular with hire companies.

Dustcontrol’s machines have compact and robust designs, meaning they’re easy to transport and move, allowing for dust extraction in hard to reach areas on busy construction sites. Coupled with great performance, easy maintenance and low product life cycle costs, these machines are proving to result in fantastic return on investments for hire companies whilst enabling them to exceed their client’s expectations.