CITB Levy Consensus Debate

Commenting on the CITB Levy Consensus debate, Graham Arundell, Managing Director, HAE EHA, said; "Member's views remain split about the CITB Levy proposals for 2018-20. There is a strong desire to see more impetus and investment directed at skills and shaping the future workforce, but unease persists at the slow pace of change and reform within CITB. We know that having both the national Apprenticeship Levy and the CITB Levy is a cause of some confusion and resentment at seemingly paying twice for similar outcomes. It has to be said that the information from CITB has been incomplete and we would have preferred greater clarity about the total CITB offer, including support for smaller businesses in-scope for the CITB Levy. With only a few weeks left until Consensus engagement comes to an end, HAE will be focused on encouraging members to respond to our survey and then sharing the outcome with CITB by the end of September. Running such a major engagement exercise over the summer months has been less than ideal.

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