Blog: Growth and Peace Of Mind

  • Do you have regular updates and communication with your accountant?
  • Does your accountant support your business growth?
  • Do you have readily accessible financial information that is explained to you

Recordkeeping is crucial for any company, but it takes time to stay ahead of the income and expenditure, chasing outstanding invoices and debts, doing company accounts or preparing financial reports and other duties. Outsourcing allows you to be free to focus on your priorities.

Sollertia are a UK based award winning firm of Outsourced Chartered Accountants and Business Advisors that specilaise within particular industry sectors – Hire and Event industry. Clients are spread across the UK and Europe.

We offer complete accounting services (Finance, Ledger, Credit Control, Book Keeping, HMRC, Management Accountants, Taxation, Payroll, Statutory Filing etc.)

We can also work alongside existing Accountancy relationships by effectively doing the work of an accounts team which leads to the Audit process being a lot easier. PriceWaterhouse Coopers have offered our most prestigious testimony

This has been the best audit in the history of LGH” – Judith Eijk – PriceWaterhouse Coopers

Benefits to Outsourcing

Business premises and employees are the largest overheads for a company - Outsourcing will allow you to reduce overheads. By outsourcing, you will not need to accommodate an in-house accounting team. The cost of recruiting and employing a workforce is expensive, but by outsourcing you can spare the expense of annual leave, sick leave, pension contributions and much more.

Put simply -Pay Part Time wages for Full Time specialist staff - Outsourcing means you only pay for the work done at that time

Amongst the Services we offer we can:

1.       Prepare and send invoices to customers without errors and without delay

2.       Check and accept supplier bills and prepare a list of payments to go without suppliers calling your office to follow up

3.       Prepare payroll and vat returns in time and with accuracy

4.       Account receipts and payments comprehensively and reconcile bank balances on a daily basis

5.       Update your books and prepare financial reports in time.


Over a period of time this is likely to generate a cost savings of at least 60% stemming from (a) higher productivity of specialist resources (b) superior design of back office processes and (c) shifting back office work to low price economies - Almost immediately the businesses we work with benefit from better quality processes.

We have a number of Endorsement illustrations:

“Graham Arundell, Managing Director, Hire Association Europe - ‘‘To reduce overhead costs and improve efficiencies we looked at outsourced accountancy. Bringing Sollertia in has allowed us to make our business better and without Sollertia’s on-going help and support, we would struggle.”

LGH enjoy a complete package of account processing and purchase ledger controls with excellent support including an opportunity for experienced consultancy on all commercial and financial matters.” Director LGH Group plc

Paul Fulcher, MD, Rigging Services “Our decision to outsource accountancy services to Sollertia could not have worked out better”.

If you would like to know more information or how we can help, then please contact Phil Ross on 07580009121 or email