Arcotherm RT110 road tow heater prototype launched at Trade Fair & Convention

Arcotherm will be exhibiting its brand new RT110 Road Tow Heater at the Convention. Designed to be the ultimate in “rapid deployment” heating, it boasts a thermostatically controlled 100Kw indirect oil fired Arcotherm heater and includes a dedicated 3.5Kva Kubota generator, a 407 litre bunded fuel tank, 2 x 360° LED lights, along with a “Deepsea” control panel and internal set-up lighting.

The RT110 dispenses with the problems of on-site power; as there is no auxiliary power off-take, the heater is receiving a continual dedicated power supply from the generator. Nor is there any confusion over fuel tanks and fittings as the 407L bunded fuel tank provides 40 hours continuous operation from a single tank. There is also in-built storage for the ducting and thermostats, reducing the chances of important ancillary being left behind.

Andy Gilman, director of Arcotherm comments: “The applications for the RT110 include remediation, construction, temporary structures / events and general plant and tool applications. We’re really looking forward to showing the product to interested parties at this year’s Convention.”