Altrad Belle set to showcase at Trade Fair & Convention

ALTRAD BELLE will showcase British manufacturing at its best, as it continues to reinforce its position as ‘No.1 For Light Construction Equipment’ with products specially designed for the rental and construction industry at this year’.

The PCLX12/40E Electric Plate Compactor (50kg) fitted with a 1.5 Kw zero emission electric motor is ideal for use indoors, poorly ventilated areas and night time or urban usage. Along with the heavyweight PCLX 16/45E Electric Plate Compactor 97kg, both plates offer high performance and excellent travel speed whilst being easy to maintain, with no spark plugs or carburettor and with no risk of fuel leakage.

Back by popular demand, ALTRAD BELLE has developed an innovative range of petrol Generators that are better than ever. They feature innovative stacking frames which use a ‘patent-pending’ locking system to aid storage and minimise manual handling risks. The Honda-powered units are available at 2.7kVA, 3.4 kVA and 5 kVA.

The ALTRAD BELLE Warrior Wheelbarrow provides an innovative solution for all contractors as it carries an unprecedented One-Year Warranty with its virtually indestructible 100 litre HDPE tray. Currently the No.1 choice across the UK, the Warrior has an optional ‘never run flat’ foam filled tyres offer the ultimate solution to the unavoidable puncture providing the optimal footprint under load to replicate a pneumatic tyre.

Hire Companies will benefit from the “Eco” Midi 20 Litre Power Pack with features such as “Power on Demand” that offers environmental benefits through reduced carbon emissions; as it only increases the engine speed when the breaker is being used. This feature also results in a significant saving of around 50% less fuel usage. The BHB25XS Hydraulic Breaker offers user’s higher break-out force reducing the breaking time and with the benefit of “low hand & arm vibration levels”. With its efficient and economical features; this on-site power solution ensures reliability and ease of operation both allied to a long service life.