Hire Desk Operative Apprenticeship Scheme

Level 2 NVQ Hire Desk Operations - Specialist Apprenticeship Programme (SAP)

In Brief
The apprenticeship programme offers delegates a 5 week modular training programme delivered over 2 years with a focus on customer service and safe use and awareness of a wide range of tools and equipment. 

More Detail
The scheme offers a 22 day training programme delivered in 5 modules over a series of five calendar-weeks. All of the training is delivered within the first 15 months and apprentices then concentrate on building a portfolio of evidence to help them pass the NVQ assessment. Training includes classroom sessions as well as several days’ hands-on tool and plant equipment practical instruction in controlled conditions. We stage two intakes throughout the year, usually in March and September.

Each module is invoiced as it is deployed, and they are run between three and six months apart. Costs are broken down as follows, per apprentice:

Modules 1, 2 & 3*    £3000
Module 4 £2000
Module 5 £2000

* CITB registered companies can claim the full amount immediately upon receipt of first invoice

Click here for a breakdown of the content in each module.

Any company can enrol employees on an apprenticeship programme, however in-scope companies registered with CITB can claim grant funding to support their costs. This funding comes to £7,650 in total, rolled out in coinciding grant payments throughout the programme.

If you’d like further information on up-skilling your workforce, please contact Stuart Tyrrell on 44 (0)121 380 4617 or by e-mail stuart.tyrrell@hae.org.uk.

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