Future Hirers

HAE EHA has committed to a major boost in support for new people joining the hire sector. Following a strong track record of delivering apprentices and work placements, HAE EHA have now developed a new initiative ‘Future Hirers.’

With the backing of CITB, HAE EHA are working with educational establishments, DWP and its members presenting our dynamic industry and the career opportunities available to 18-30 years old looking for a change in career, encouraging them to consider the hire sector.

The hire sector is a vital component in enabling the delivery of construction activity; commercial and public, in the UK and globally. HAE EHA members facilitate and provide the equipment for major entertainment, sporting and exhibition events.

The hire sector is enabling resource and capability behind much public and commercial investment: in land and buildings, infrastructure, national and international events and corporate hospitality.

Almost every town in the UK has HAE EHA members trading from it: employing local people and contributing to the local economy.

A broad cross section of skills is required to keep our sector competitive. Our members work with plant, tool and equipment manufacturers to support innovation and sustainability; focused on safety, energy efficiency and utility.

As part of HAE EHA’s commitment to a major boost in support for new people joining the hire sector the association has set itself the challenge of creating 200 work experience opportunity days in 2016. Through a series of projects, working with CITB and the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP), 16 events will be held throughout 2016 offering practical support to candidates, current employees and employers to create and develop opportunities within the hire sector.

For further information please contact Debbie Garner on 0121 380 4607 or FutureHirers@hae.org.uk

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