Andy Gilman

Andy Gilman

General Manager, Acclimatise

Standing for Election to the EHA Event Equipment Board 2020

I have been closely aligned to the event industry for over 20 years and have witnessed first-hand the incredible changes that have taken place in what is surely one of the most diverse sectors imaginable. It is only necessary to attend one of the many annual trade fairs to understand how an eclectic mix of businesses combine to produce events ranging from local Christmas markets to major live music events across the UK. This industry, through no fault of its own, is now under severe threat and an immediate call to action is required to preserve its standing and restore it to its rightful position as a major contributor to the UK economy.

I have been a senior manager in the HVAC industry for many years, and have served on the EHA Board previously; I held the position of Chair of the Event Hire Association for 12 months, and Vice Chair on the main HAE EHA Board. I would very much welcome the opportunity to re-join the EHA Board and work alongside other industry professionals to assist in helping the event industry through its recovery.

I am General Manager of Acclimatise Ltd, part of the Cross Rental Group; we supply the rental of temperature control and power distribution equipment across the UK and Ireland. I have nearly 25 years’ sales and rental experience to the event sector and, during this time, have assembled a large portfolio of event-based contacts.