Mental Health Awareness Week Day 3 - TAKE NOTICE

Studies have shown that being aware of your surroundings and reminding yourself to ‘take notice’ and be mindful, strengthens your awareness, which can enhance your wellbeing. 

Heightened awareness also enhances your self-understanding and allows you to make positive choices based on your own values. Try to savour the moment; whether you're eating lunch, on the phone to a friend, or on a walk alone… be aware of your feelings and surroundings. Reflecting on this will help you appreciate the things that matter. 

Take some time to be in the moment and take notice of the environment around you. Here are a some ideas:

  • Get a plant for your workspace
  • Have a ‘clear the clutter’ day
  • Take notice of how your colleagues, friends, or family are feeling or acting
  • Take a different route on your journey to or from work
  • Visit a new place
  • Make plans with friends or family (whilst staying safe)

Resources to Take Notice: